The New Twilight Soul

A little bit at a time, I am re-building Twilight Soul, and also Code Charm.

Previously, I built it out using a concept I learned from Landmark Education, called “domains.” (This is something from one of the higher level courses, not The Forum or Advanced Course.)

While I liked domains initially, I began too hard to try to force everything into one of five domains, and lost much time figuring out ways to organize within domains. Now, I will let things be rather organically organized. I don’t care as much about classification as I used to. I’ll use tags, and you can use Search to find stuff.

I do plan to make an entry in this blog every time I add a page to the site, and also whenever I update the skins (the appearance and layout).

That’s all for now. The primary goal is to not take too much time at any one sitting.