Letter to Congress

I’m sure you have already contacted your congresscritter by now, what with half of the Internet going dark.

But, in case you’re looking for something to say, here’s what I wrote, and you have my permission to copy and modify this freely without attribution.

Dear ___________________,

I oppose SOPA and PIPA because it is clear they will have unacceptable unintended consequences.

The non-technological equivalent of this act would require that publishers of yellow pages check the business licenses of everyone they list. When you call directory assistance, the operator would have to make sure the business you wanted to call was legit before providing the number. The newspapers could not publish your classified ad unless they had researched you and your home to make sure the ad wasn't for something illegal.

The Internet is tough to govern; I understand that. The state of being tough to govern is what America is founded on. I am not promoting complete lack of regulation, but the current SOPA and PIPA bills take regulation much further than they should.

Please vote against SOPA, and do not support PIPA, as they are worded now. Please rework the intent of these bills, soliciting input from people who make their livings from the Internet.


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