An experiment with dictation

A few weeks ago, I decided to volunteer to read news articles for the local Society for the Blind here in Sacramento. Part of the setup will need requires a headset or at least a microphone. So when I got Moon had said, I was surprised to find out that Windows has fairly strong support for speech recognition.

This blog entry represents my first attempt at dictating a blog entry entirely without using the keyboard. I'm pleasantly surprised that it recognizes as many words as it does, and that is fairly simple to punctuate and even capitalize words and I would've had to type before. The accuracy rate seems to be very good, even though just now it wanted to say " in for a good" instead of " very good". But even correcting it was simple and helps the process work better.

Okay, enough for now. I may be trying more of these in the future. It certainly is a lot faster than typing, plus I don't make any misspellings.

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