Microsoft Surface, pre-ordered

Does anyone not already know that I’m a dyed-in-the-wool Microsoft enthusiast? I mean, before you read the previous sentence?

However, I’m not usually one of the first ones to grab the new technologies. I didn’t get one of the first Pocket PCs. I didn’t get one of the first XBox’s. I don’t usually get the Consumer Technology Previews (CTP), or “betas” of new versions of Windows.

But I just had to, this time. I pre-ordered a Microsoft Surface, and I should be getting it in about a week. I’m very, very excited.

Picture of the Microsoft Surface with a magenta touch cover

Yes, I know I could have gotten an iPad a long time ago. But Apple and I just don’t see eye to eye on user interfaces, ever since the first Macintosh. Sure, I was more than a little handy with the now-ancient Apple ][. But when Steve jobs decided that users did not want too many choices, I knew that I was not his primary market anymore.

But why now? Why didn’t I wait for a while for a Surface be out for a while?

Because I (almost) never do this, and because the thing just looks damn sexy.

That, and I also want to start seeing whether I can make things that I can sell on the Microsoft Store. (Don’t worry, boss! I’ll use my Microsoft AlumNet employee-price discounts to buy my own development software and do it on my own computer and only in my spare time.) So, having one would be very important, to make sure that I’m doing things properly.

I’ll post pictures and reviews and stuff when I get it, which should be (according to Microsoft) right about October 26.

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