The music in my head and in my heart

I wish I could explain how this works. There is a resonance I feel whenever I’m listening to most of the songs performed by the band Swing Out Sister. Something about a jet-set romance. Sitting in an airport bar as dusk falls. Neon lights reflected in a taxi window. A lost love. The hope of a new love. A tear – is it from sorrow, or joy, or both? The echoes of something that just wrenched your heart beyond what you thought you could ever bear, but also a whisper that the worst has passed, and the heights of joy will fall into your hands.

I don’t have the musical background to faithfully capture the style or genre of their music. I have never really heard any other music exactly like it, although I’ve certainly heard music which shares elements of their music. Songs written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David. 60s-era latin pop, something a little like what Henry Mancini might have made, and what you might hear on the soundtrack to AMC’s Mad Men. But also more dreamy than that.

Anyway, I hope they never stop making their soul-touching music. I could never grow tired of listening to it.

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