Started off on the wrong foot

Michele used to scoff at me for using a Franklin Day Planner, way back when. She is one of those people who remembers almost all of her appointments without writing them down. Well, she used to. She writes them down now. But I’d taken her teasing a little too personally, and had avoided relying too heavily on calendars and lists, lately.

Which is why I need to rely on calendars and lists. Missing an appointment is not fun. Missing an appointment that you have to pay because you missed it is just adding insult to injury. The cherry on top is that Michele reminded me yesterday (Monday) that I had an appointment today (Tuesday), but I didn’t believe her; I thought my appointment was the day after (Wednesday). She was right. My calendar was right. I was wrong, and I really have to get back to working against calendars and lists.

So, getting back on to the right foot. How? First, by knowing that I will, regardless of how much evidence I might have that I can’t. It takes a certain amount of delusion to be this optimistic, but I believe I have enough delusions to believe whatever I want, and that, in fact, is how I will actually succeed anyway.

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