Make Quicken better, please!

I guess everyone else in the world doesn’t really need checkbook and account management programs. Maybe they just trust that as long as the bank account balance is roughly what they expect, everything is good.

I’m not that person.

I am a little more concerned with knowing the details. So I use Quicken to manage my bank account balances.

I’ve look at other programs, but none of them do all of the things that I need a program to do:

  1. Automatically connect to a wide variety of electronic financial services and download transactions and balances
  2. Help me create a categorized spending plan, automatically categorize as much as possible, and show me how I’m doing
  3. Help me track my stock portfolio, including cost basis so that I can get my taxes done correctly
  4. Let me do account-to-account transfers that reconcile against the downloaded transactions
  5. Separate personal transactions from business transactions
  6. Connect to and manage automatic bill-paying services provided by my bank or elsewhere

However, I feel like I am forced to suffer in order to use this program.

It works just well enough that I can do everything.

And, it is different from what I would like it to do just enough that it is continually frustrating and irritating.

It’s the car that feels powerful and easy to drive, gets great mileage, looks pretty, but …

  • every time you want to change the radio station, you have to turn the radio off first
  • the windshield wipers make the air conditioner turn on, no matter how cold it is already
  • in order to fill the car with gas, you are required to complete a checklist of maintenance items first, with your non-dominant hand

You would get a different car, but none of the other cars have ALL of these: windshield wipers, turn signals, fuel level indicators, windows that can be lowered, and a seat that can be repositioned.

Yes, you can get from point A to point B even if you were missing only one or two of those things, or even without any of those things, but would you want to? Would you buy a car that didn’t have every one of those things?

I will share some of the things that bother me about Quicken. I doubt Quicken is going to re-prioritize anything they’re doing because of this, but I wanted to have a place to share a little more context to my requests so that I could quickly refer to them, if, by some miracle, someone at Quicken does actually care.

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