Selling your email address to spammers

For years, I have been using a simple technique to catch companies that sell my email address to mass-commerce marketers, or spammers.

The vast majority of companies honor their privacy policies and do not sell my email address.

Here are the websites that do not honor my privacy, and have sold my email address:

  • (not too surprising, because it was a promotional sweepstakes kind of thing, but it was promoted by Best Buy)
  • (surprising, because on, they say:
    • “We at MediaMall Technologies (MMT) take privacy seriously.”
    • “MMT may share information as described below, but we do not sell it to advertisers or other third-parties.”
    • I have recently received email sent to the unique email address I used for from:
    • These are not legitimate emails in any way.
    • Maybe my email address was leaked via hack. This doesn’t give me confidence that they “… take [my] privacy seriously.”

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