New Interesting Stuff!

I have a great number of random thoughts and pages that I have been accumulating. For years, I planned to use this website to store and share these, using ... I don't know. Something that was easy for me to work with and powerful enough to work with links, images, formatting, tables, and so on.

I regularly use Microsoft OneNote to record everything, but for a long time it was not really a viable option to share publicly.

And now it is viable. So, on the new Interesting Stuff page, you will find a link to a counterpart Interesting Stuff in OneNote.

I expect to use both, but not as duplicates. That is, while both are organized similarly, information in the OneNote pages may not be on the website, and vice versa.

It's not possible to comment on the OneNote pages, so I will do what I can to add links on the OneNote pages back to a blog post like this.

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