I used to eat a lot of candy. You know, when I was a kid. I've had people explain to me that this is pretty normal for kids. I wouldn't know; I was never a kid.

Lately, I thought maybe I would want to re-experience some of the candy that I really used to enjoy as a kid.

Big Hunk

Individual packs of Big Hunk candy

Actually, I don't remember eating this as a kid. But at the candy store, it looked good. I didn't read the contents. I like chocolate, and I thought this was chocolatey.

It is not. It's very good, though! It's honey and peanuts whipped up like a chewy nougat. It says it has whole roasted peanuts, but the one I ate didn't. The lie made it more delicious.

https://www.oldtimecandy.com/big-hunk-mini-bar [found 2017-12-09]

French Burnt Peanuts

small bag of French Burnt Peanuts candy

I know I ate these as a kid. But somehow these taste a lot less strong than I remember. These seem to be basically just candy-coated peanuts. There's nothing about them that suggests that they are burnt, and even less that some French person burnt them.

https://www.oldtimecandy.com/walk-the-candy-aisle/french-burnt-peanuts [found 2017-12-15]